Bribe your congresswoman with The Who!

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Fri Feb 16 06:30:51 CST 2007

>From the Frederick News-Post:

...That big talk resulted in some new legislation that was designed, at least on the surface, to put the quietus on this treacherous mutual back-scratching culture. But the addiction of the House of Representatives to the largess of lobbyists has proven more difficult to kick than crack cocaine. 
The relapse came by way of, you guessed it, a loophole. Under the new game plan, lawmakers are inviting lobbyists to a number of expensive, oh-so-fun outings such as expensive birthday parties, wine-tasting tours, drinks at posh D.C. eateries, golf tournaments, rock concerts, Broadway shows -- you know, all the good stuff. 
Who's paying for all the fun? The lobbyists, as usual, but instead of brazenly picking up the congressmen's tabs (a no-no in the new ethical Congress) they instead pay a political fund-raising committee established by -- you guessed it again -- the lawmakers. The committee then picks up the tab. 
Here's an example of the "new way." According to a recent story in the New York Times, Rep. Mary Bono (R-CA), along with two other members of Congress, has invited lobbyists along to join them at a March Who concert in Washington. "They're her favorite rock 'n' roll band," said Bono's chief of staff Frank Cullen. Yes, he actually said that. 
We like The Who too, and would also love to see Pete Townsend doing his trademark windmill guitar and scissors jumps. Unlike Bono, though, we'd have to pay for it ourselves.
-Brian in Atlanta
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