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Last year, singer-songwriter Rachel Fuller toured Europe's festivals with a trailer, asking bands to appear on her web chat show, The fact that many were then able to strum along with Fuller's partner, Pete Townshend, surely helped coax them in. This week sees the exclusive iTunes release of Attic Jam, a compilation of acoustic performances from the show. The sound isn't great and Fuller has an annoying habit of squawking, "Aw, that was brilly-unt!" after every song, but there are some worthwhile tracks. They include the Zutons' duet with Townshend on a breezy camp-fire version of the Who's Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand, Editors' menacing stripped-down version of All Sparks and the Fratellis' spritely Got Ma Nuts From a Hippie. The album's flaw, though, is that while songs such as the distinctly under-rehearsed Who covers from the Flaming Lips (Baba O'Riley) and the Raconteurs (The Seeker) probably made for entertaining viewing, they simply don't stand up to a proper release. Approach selectively. 

-Brian in Atlanta 
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