Live at Leeds special on Planet Rock

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Wed Feb 14 13:27:36 CST 2007

I just turned on Planet Rock (DAB radio station in the UK), and they were
playing The Who's Summertime Blues.  Woo!

This was just part of a program celebrating Live at Leeds' birthday today.
Presented by Rick Wakeman, with new interviews with Pete and other people
who were there.  They also played I Can't Explain, My Generation (most of
it) and Magic Bus, all from Leeds.

Couple of stories I've never heard before: Pete was so hot on stage (even
though it was February), that he asked for some windows to be smashed to let
some air in!

Also, surprisingly, most of the audience (even at the front), sat on the
floor during the performance.  Not jumping up and down or dancing, but just
appreciating the music.

This is just part of a week of Who specials on Planet Rock this week - all
of which we've missed!  See end of this email for the list.

The good news is that the show is repeated on Saturday night (8 PM GMT), and
can be listened to online at:

The Planet Rock website also has all this:

The Live at Leeds Story:

The Who Essential Collection (review of most of their albums):

Vote for your favourite Who Song Here:



Saturday 10th Feb (7pm)
Featuring Pete Townshend

Pete picks the songs that influenced him, the songs he’s listening to now
and the songs he just plain loves.


Tuesday 13th Feb (6pm)
Featuring Pete Townshend

Nicky Horne takes a step back in time, 30 years to be precise, with an
interview where Pete Townshend discusses what it is like being viewed as old
(at the age of 32!) by the new punk bands of the day as well as discussing
The Who’s Tommy album and then soon to be released book.


Wednesday 14th Feb (6pm)
Saturday 17th Feb (8pm)  Repeat

Live at Leeds: Closing the series of Who specials and celebrating 37 years
since it’s recording, Rick Wakeman will narrate an hour long special on the
album Live at Leeds.  A fitting tribute to the energetic and vibrant live
performances from The Who, as the album became one of the biggest and most
monumental live albums of all time when recorded on 14th February 1970.  The
show also features a brand new interview with Pete Townshend, recorded on
his recent visit to Planet Rock last month. We have also found and
interviewed the original band booker as well as some of the audience who
were there at the gig.

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