The Who Mailing List Digest, V14, #28

Mon Feb 12 19:31:39 CST 2007

Hello fellow Campers!
We just got home from the Launch of Attic Jam the album party at the  Pigalle 
Club. It was an old style American supper club on the corner of  Piccadilly 
Circus. The invite was for 7 p.m., but doors opened 7.30 for a 8.45  kick off.  
We where one of the first people through the door and head down  to a front 
table. We where directly across from the Royal Box. We got the first  table on 
the side and shared the table with Ross Halfin, Nicola Joss, David  Starck and 
a few other friends. Rachel hit the stage only to announce Pete was  up 
first. He played Drowned. He changed alot of the lyrics and was interesting.  He 
was in good form on the acoustic guitar. Then Rachel introduced Ed Harcourt  and 
wife Geeta. They played 3 songs including Last cigarette. Geeta played great  
violin whilst Ed played piano and a distorted vocal sound on the second tune. 
 Next up was Rose Hill Drive. They need haircuts. The lads played 2 tunes. I  
think one was Brain Novocaine. They sounded like an acoustic Led Zep. Next 
was  the hostess-Rachel. She played Blue by Joni Mitchell at the end of that 
tune  Rachel said "We like a few bum notes, It's real". Then she  played 
Motherfucker. Jerry Hall screamed out in appreciation for that song  from her front 
centre seat.  The Magic Numbers where next. There was only  the 2 girls and the 
singer (the drummer sat in the audience).  They  played Take a Chance, Long 
Legs, and the song called A new number. Then Pete  performed the Acid Queen. He 
said "I already owe a million (English) pounds,  dead loss for me tonight". 
Then he commented that after playing Greyhound girl  17 times on the last tour, 
he wanted to play something completely different but  he decided to play 
something from Tommy. Then the final act was The Kooks. There  where only 2 Kooks. 
Are there any more Kooks out there? They played Sofa, Hat  full of love, ooh 
la and Pretty Petticoat (?). Unfortunately, the crowd was  pretty pissed and 
was very noisy and chatty by this stage of the show. Then our  Host Pete joined 
the Kooks for the final number. He was a bit angry/joking at  the same time 
when he said to the audience that "It's good that your drinking MY  beer for 
free", but please be quite! Rachel then closed the evening with her  special 
thanks to everyone. Please go and by the ITunes now! Mikey, Rene and  
Shaun(Mikey's older brother) where in the audience. Mikey did not perform. All  in all a 
one and half hour set to highlight this new download album went down  without a 
hitch. Thanks again to Pete and Rachel.

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