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Stephen Fairbairn seeker at
Fri Feb 9 19:16:00 CST 2007

At the risk of being destroyed....

And before I get any more information that might inform my opinion...

Let's guess how much fossil fuel will be spent to fly all those  
performers (and drive) and their gear, and provide the power for all  
those TV's and pieces of equipment, and all those plastic cups and so  
on...yeah, right ...

We can all pretend to do something, like 'raise awareness' but  
really, no imp[ac on our own place in the scheme of things eh?

And who makes money, and who spends the money, and who really benefits.?

Cynically yours,

Steve in Canada.

On 8-Feb-07, at 5:54 AM, Martin Bailey wrote:

> I've just heard news of a new global concert which will take place  
> on July
> 7th.  It's planned to raise awareness for global climate change.   
> Suposedly,
> this will be "even bigger than Live Aid" (sounds dubious).
> The whole premise does seem to have an ironic twist to it though:  
> just how
> much of the Earth's resources will be need to host, lighten, and  
> present the
> show?  Hopefully, the event will end up doing more good than harm,  
> though.
> It sounds like the sort of event that The Who will want to appear  
> at.   They
> haven't turned down a world-class charity concert like this in  
> years.  Plus
> Pete's been moaning about leaving phone chargers plugged in for a  
> while
> though.
> -MB
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