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>From a whole bunch of news sources:

Speaking about the European dates, Townshend said,"It goes on and on and on and on. It gets better and better and better and better. It is more and more fun. If you want to catch the new Who at their most effective for twenty years, come and join us." [most used quote in stories]

To reiterate their musical prowess, Townshend and Daltrey played four tracks acoustically at the conference, Townshend quipping "to prove we still have what it takes!"

Singer Roger Daltrey said: "It's great to have been around this length of time and still be playing new material, having it so well received and people liking the music."

Pete Townshend told the press conference: 'I'm really, really excited to go back to the Isle of Man.'

"What holds Roger and I together is the music, and what we realize is that the audience put us there. When they vote us off, we'll go," Townshend said.
"There's a lot of great music out there and one of the things the Who has to do is compete with it."

And Pete Townshend said the most exciting thing was breaking the news to 17-year-old son Joseph.
He grinned: "I'm 61 and it's the coolest thing to be able to say to him, 'Yes come down to Glastonbury, bring your friends'."

"The Internet promises a lot of things - some it delivers, some it doesn't," Townshend, 61, told a news conference, adding one thing it does offer is the ability to sell tickets.
"It is probably the most powerful informational, promotional tool today. It's a very effective, focussed machine for promotion. I look forward to using it for live events, there's a big scope for live music and live events."
"Festivals are really important, I'm not really into the Internet," Daltrey, 62, told a news conference which was live webcast on www.thewhotour.com.
Daltrey accused radio stations of preferring personality to musical knowledge among its presenters.
"It's a fact that it's very hard for bands in our position to get airplay. It's a fact for every band," he said.
"There are really few DJs who love music. The music is selected by computer. There are very few music fans running radio shows."
"We weren't a gang band. We weren't brought together by a love of common music. What drew us together, I think, was a love of show business," said Townshend.
"We've known each other since school years and, after losing (Moon and Entwistle) we know we have each other. It's great to have that friendship, that relationship. To have friends who go back 45 years - it's very cool."
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