damn the torpedoes

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Thu Feb 8 20:46:03 CST 2007

>Toby Elwin
>Who Numbers Game
>Lights and video screens be damned.  Don't use the video screens if the 
>synchs are out or new videos are expected.  They >did not use video screens 
>when they were considered the greatest live rock and roll band in the 
>world - Damn it!

Yeah, I'm with you.
It can't be *that* hard to insert something different to accommodate a 
How many bands out there tour for a year on the same songs night after 
Wouldn't that get tedious to the musicians?

It's getting tedious to the fans.
A surprise or two, every few shows isn't too much to ask.


That said, I'm looking forward to seeing them next month.

Kevin in VT

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