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Thu Feb 8 18:33:28 CST 2007

> From: "Susan DeSimone" <suepat at cox.net>
> Date: February 7, 2007 6:59:08 AM CST

>> but Pete has mentioned that Tommy is really an allegory about the  
>> "birth of rock and roll."
> If this is true, then why would he have originally set it in 1921?

Why not?  If it's an allegory it could be set in the Middle Ages.

Keeping in mind that Pete has a number of different answers as to  
what Tommy's all about.

The biggest "problem" I see with the timeline of the original is one  
Bruce pointed out...if Tommy's father killed "The Lover" in 1921,  
Tommy was born somewhere around 1915-1917.  If, as Bruce mentions,  
pinball didn't become popular until the 1940s, Tommy would be  
anywhere from 23 to 33 years old during his pinball wizard phase.   
Kind of older than Pete's main focus, but again, you have to allow  
some poetic license.

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