Cousin Kevin Strikes Again!

Bill McCue bill_macq at
Thu Feb 8 17:53:39 CST 2007

> Hey, you forgot Eminence Front - 1 !! :-) Still a bit embarrassed about that. Trust me, I always thought it was "sun", but there it was on the internet listed at "1". I figured I'd throw it out there and see if it stuck.
I've never been one to sit and listen to an album while reading the lyric booklet. I'm more of a research-it when needed kind of guy.....
  This statement bothers me in so many ways I hardly know where to begin. 
  Yeah, why bother with a small detail like being right when you can just post something you've read on the Internet? 
  Cousin Kev goes on to further confirm his ignorance with the following ridiculous statement.
  > I didn't go farther. Not surprised about Zep with 19. They rock......just not much intellectual substance.
Shame Page fell off a cliff with his 'boozing' and took his talent with him.
  You clearly know absolutely nothing about Led Zeppelin or their music. Not much "intellectual substance"? What the f*ck does that mean? Have you ever listened to Led Zeppelin? Do the song titles Achilles Last Stand, Rain Song, Four Sticks, The Song Remains the Same, Carouselambra, Ten Years Gone mean anything to you? Obviously not. 
  You also clearly know nothing about Jimmy Page or his history. From a strictly guitar playing standpoint, every Led Zep fan would have to admit that Jimmy Page has had plenty of rough moments over the course of his career, but playing guitar has only been a part of his "talent" since the early 60s. 
  My guess is you read about "Page fell off a cliff with his 'boozing' and took his talent with him" on some Internet site and took it at face value - just like those Eminence Front lyrics. You might want to do more research on Who lyrics and Led Zeppelin before you put your cyber foot in your cyber mouth again.
  Back to that poll. Jimmy Page invented riff rock. Nineteen entries? That's an insult. That total should be doubled.

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