European Press Conference

Thu Feb 8 17:22:14 CST 2007

Thursday, 8th Feb 2007, 12.30
The Hospital, Covent Garden, London
Many of you watched the broadcast of the press conference announcing the  
European leg of The Who tour on the web. We attended the event which ran 30  
minutes late due to appalling snow in London. The two hit the stage wearing  their 
usual black attire (uniforms). Pete mentioned that the venue was a tomb.  
That's because it was located 2 floors below street level, no windows and very  
closed in. They played 4 acoustic songs beautifully. the opening tune was Won't 
 get fooled again. Pete was master of the acoustic wonderfully and Roger had  
a well rested voice. Behind Blue Eyes was it's usual masterpiece. The next 
tune  was a challenge for both of them. Mike Post Theme was superior 
acoustically and  Roger hit all the notes in the right places and Pete was banging the 
old guitar  fiercely. The last number was Tea and Theatre minus Roger's tea cup. 
It came out  later for the Q & A. Yes, Roger took his black and Pete took his 
white. Next  was the Q&A; Most of the questions where from the British press. 
There was  also a question from Australia, New York and Sweden via e-mail. 
The funniest  questions was from a reporter form Cork. He asked 'after 40 years 
why are  playing Cork?' Roger's response was' We know the local postman' 
(Irish Jack).  The saddest thing about the press conference was that Pete and Roger 
announced  that they will not be changing the set list. It is to complicated. 
The timings  have to be co-ordinated with the backdrops, lights,  films and 
time  constraints. Roger also said he can only perform 2 hours maximum-voice. 
Pete  said the only reason why they are going to perform at Glastonbury is 
because his  17 year old son Joseph wants his dad to be the headlining act. As 
well as bring  his friends down and impress them. Pete kept on about In The 
Attic. It must  really be true love! Pete also said he got to meet young musicians 
and hear new  music via ITA. Pete was speaking fondly about The Isle of Man. 
He mentioned he  spent several season's there with his dad Cliff who was with 
the  Squadroneers(?). He mentioned that he even went to school there too.  
Roger was a bit apprehensive about last years Liverpool gigs, but on  reflection 
he thought those gigs where the best on the tour. He thought the  audience was 
brilliant and sang louder than he did. He can't wait to go back to  Liverpool. 
Finally, Pete announced this was not going to be the end of The Who  live. 
After the Helsinki gig they will take a 3 month break and continue talks  about 
how to continue the tour. It is a world tour you know! Australia, Japan  and 
Asia are still on the cards and possibly South America after a bit more P.R. 
Best wishes,
Melissa & Gary Hurley

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