Live Webcast - The Who Announce European Tour!

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Thu Feb 8 07:37:20 CST 2007

Just watched this webcast - it started half an hour late.

Tour will start in Lisbon (in May, I think), and cover a huge number of 
countries and shows.

It's confirmed that The Who WILL be headlining Sunday night at Glastonbury.

Then Pete and Roger came on.  Seemed thouroughly miserable and moaning about 
the venue (Pete described the underground studio as a "tomb").

Roger said they wanted to play a few acoustic songs rather than the usual 
Question and Answer nonsense.

They played:

    - Wont get fooled Again
    - Behind Blue Eyes (both Pete and Roger on acoustic guitar)
    - Mike Post Theme ("about Hill street Blues".  They had never even 
rehearsed an acoustic version of this song before.  But it worked really 
well - the highlight of the webcast.)
    -Tea and Theatre

They both seemed pleased with themselves after this performance.  Pete 
guitar was fine, but Roger was the star of the show.  Roger, who presumably 
hasn't sung for a few months, showed what a great voice he still has.  Every 
line was sung spot-on.

Then some question and answers:

Tour will include "The Peel Festival" on the Isle of Man - bet they play 
Happy Jack!  Pete went to school there.

They're playing Cork (in Ireland), because they know the postman there 
(Irish Jack).  By some coinceidence, they've just discovered that the street 
that Irish Jack lives in is the same street where Pete's grandfather was 

"Will you be playing different songs in Hull to what you've played in Lison 
or Cork?"  Pete laughs: "Why would we do that?".  Later: "oh yeah, every 
show will be different.  Rarirites, Swedish folk songs, etc."

But Roger offered some hope for fans wanting rarities on the setlist: 
"hopefully we'll be able to come up with some other format in the future 
whereby fans can hear the songs they want to hear."  Vague, but intriguing.

Also playing Prague, and more shows in the UK.  Hope to still play 
Australia, but no plans yet.


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