SOS Concert

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Thu Feb 8 05:54:14 CST 2007

I've just heard news of a new global concert which will take place on July 
7th.  It's planned to raise awareness for global climate change.  Suposedly, 
this will be "even bigger than Live Aid" (sounds dubious).

The whole premise does seem to have an ironic twist to it though: just how 
much of the Earth's resources will be need to host, lighten, and present the 
show?  Hopefully, the event will end up doing more good than harm, though.

It sounds like the sort of event that The Who will want to appear at.   They 
haven't turned down a world-class charity concert like this in years.  Plus 
Pete's been moaning about leaving phone chargers plugged in for a while 


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