who by numbers game

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Right you are, "their millions" according to Whotabs. Hey, how about "A
gang of nearly a thousand youths entered the grand hotel in search of
two leather-clad rockers..."? Does this count? Did anyone else mention

-Chris in Cleve

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> "The red chins in the millions..." Rael

Yes!  That was one I was thinking of.  But isn't it, "The Red Chins in
*their* millions...."?  Not sure....


I was mistaken:  I don't know of another example from SELL OUT.  I was
getting the "I'm A Boy"
lyrics mixed up with the "Mary Anne" lyrics.

But....the example I thought of from QUAD is....
has this been mentioned?....

"You declared you would be *three* inches taller...."

- SCHRADE in Akron

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