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> <<<<<<I know that Pete as talked about how WWII had
> such an impact on his
> generation of artists, but I've always had the feeling
> that WWI is
> the seminal event for Britain.>>>>>>>>
> I think WW1 had more casualties, but the impact was
> much less than WW2. Simply for the fact that the main
> land was untouched by the war in France/ Belgium;
> unlike WW2 which saw us having the crap bombed out of
> us.ANd there was no sense of Brittain being invaded by
> Germany in WW1 -unlike WW2. So i would say WW2 was
> more of a seminal event. But WW1 was all over by 1919
> and 1921 would have been his parents' birth time. I
> think he changed it to 51 becuse it was more fitting
> to fit Tommy's life into the framework of Ken
> Russell's film -post WW2 and all that.
>  Yes- I was thinking along those lines- that 1921 would have been when 
> Tommy's/Pete's parents were born...but Pete has mentioned that Tommy is 
> really an allegory about the "birth of rock and roll."
If this is true, then why would he have originally set it in 1921?
Maybe the trauma started w/WW1...but yeah, WW11 was much more devastating, 
of course.

Which leads one to wonder...if  WW11 had never occurred..would there still 
be rock n' roll?

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