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Susan DeSimone suepat at cox.net
Wed Feb 7 06:44:29 CST 2007

>> On Feb 5, 2007, at 11:47 PM, The Who Mailing List Digest wrote:
>>> I never understood why Pete is recalling 1921 when WWII ended in '45!
>> The original story had to do with WWI. I believe, and you Brits can
>> confirm or deny this, that WWI was a much more traumatic event for
>> Britain than WWII.
> To add to the confusion the movie IS set after WWII and the song is 
> changed
> to 1951 on the soundtrack.   One reason for this could be that modern
> pinball as we know it didn't become popular until the 1940s.
> Bruce
Yeah well, Pete Townshend has made a living confusing me!
It was quite apparent that this was one of his life's goals when he 
published his novella TBWH, which left me saying, "huh?"
(I know how Roger must feel!!).
Oh well, at least I was honest on his blog and never tried to bullshit my 
way to his heart.
He loves me just as I am!

Thanks for clearing up the confusion for me everyone!!!
Appreciate it.

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