Kombucha Tea

Susan DeSimone suepat at cox.net
Wed Feb 7 06:26:29 CST 2007

> Never heard about kambucha and antibiotics.  I know for sure there are 
> unnecessary antibiotics pumped into mass-market chicken parts and the 
> preservatives contained in any item with a shelve life on super market 
> shelves are enough of a concern.
> I would never try to grow my own or "steep" the stuff myself.  I buy it 
> from organic markets.  However, I have maintained sour dough and it is 
> great to keep pulling off pieces of sour dough to bake/cook with and it 
> regenerates itself - odd too.  I will never use sour dough as a cure all 
> and fixative of anything and neither kombucha. Just as vinegar destroys 
> the probiotics in your intestines and simple "Beano" is a positive culture 
> that builds probiotics to aid in digestion there are things we ingest that 
> contribute to maximizing our health.
> Different strokes... I trust little of what the FDA does or advocates, as 
> it is.
> Cool stuff, keep it moderate and I can live a pretty happy, fun, healthy 
> life.
> Toby
Oh believe me Toby - I am with you re:the FDA. I don't always agree w/Andrew 
Weil either.
I just thought I'd throw that out there!
I buy organic as much as possible. I am lucky - we have a Halal (Muslim for 
kosher) butcher not too far from us and he sells organic meats dirt cheap.
I take acidopholus regularly now...the refrigerated capsules.

Stay well and happy!

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