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Never heard about kambucha and antibiotics.  I know for sure there are unnecessary antibiotics pumped into mass-market chicken parts and the preservatives contained in any item with a shelve life on super market shelves are enough of a concern.

I would never try to grow my own or "steep" the stuff myself.  I buy it from organic markets.  However, I have maintained sour dough and it is great to keep pulling off pieces of sour dough to bake/cook with and it regenerates itself - odd too.  I will never use sour dough as a cure all and fixative of anything and neither kombucha. Just as vinegar destroys the probiotics in your intestines and simple "Beano" is a positive culture that builds probiotics to aid in digestion there are things we ingest that contribute to maximizing our health.
Different strokes... I trust little of what the FDA does or advocates, as it is.  

Cool stuff, keep it moderate and I can live a pretty happy, fun, healthy life.



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Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 11:47:37 -0800
From: "Susan DeSimone" <suepat at>
Subject: Who Numbers Game and Roger's Real Secret!

Re: Homeopathy - it works but you have to play w/certain remedies. My little 
girl got stung by a bee once and I immediately gave her Apis (which is bee 
venom). Within 5-10 the swelling disappeared.

I swear by Andrew Weil (well for the most part) and he sees no health 
benefits re: kombucha tea. In fact, he states that it contains antibiotics, 
and one should avoid long term use of any antibiotics.

This is what I found:
"Also called the Manchurian or Kargasok mushroom, kombucha is not a mushroom 
at all but a mixed culture of several species of bacteria and yeasts that 
are added to black or green tea and sugar to produce a fermented "tea," a 
drink that tastes something like fizzy cider. Kombucha tea sipped daily has 
been recommended as a treatment for everything from AIDS and arthritis to 
baldness. I've also heard claims that kombucha boosts energy and improves 
eyesight. A few years ago, kombucha was credited with the recovery of a 
patient suffering from advanced AIDS. Accounts of this seemingly miraculous 
turnaround left out the fact that the patient had begun treatment with an 
FDA-approved experimental therapy at the same time.

I don't recommend kombucha tea at all. I know of no scientific studies 
backing up the health claims made for it. Beyond that, there's advertisement

evidence that kombucha tea may have some antibiotic activity. If so, by 
drinking the tea you could be unnecessarily taking antibiotics, which could 
encourage development of resistant strains of bacteria.

I am also concerned about the culture becoming contaminated, as it could in 
the home-brewing process. Some batches have contained aspergillus, a 
toxin-producing fungus. This would actually pose significant risks to people 
with compromised immune systems such as those with AIDS or undergoing 
chemotherapy for cancer. There have also been reports in the medical 
literature of adverse reactions including nausea, vomiting and headaches 
among those who drink more than four ounces of kombucha tea daily. Allergic 
reactions, jaundice and head and neck pain have also been reported. I would 
particularly caution pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, children 
and anyone with a compromised immune system against drinking kombucha tea."


I think Rog looks so good because he never got into drugs (I think he said 
he was allergic to pot).
Looks like he works out alot...I bet his favorite exercise is shagging 
though!!  We  all know he has a reputation as the consumate ladies' man!
Wonder if his wife still looks the other way...not that I have a snowball's 
chance in hell!! hee hee

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