Who Numbers Game and Roger's Real Secret!

Dereck Evans delbut98 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 6 09:12:50 CST 2007

<<<<<<I know that Pete as talked about how WWII had
such an impact on his  
generation of artists, but I've always had the feeling
that WWI is  
the seminal event for Britain.>>>>>>>>

I think WW1 had more casualties, but the impact was
much less than WW2. Simply for the fact that the main
land was untouched by the war in France/ Belgium;
unlike WW2 which saw us having the crap bombed out of
us.ANd there was no sense of Brittain being invaded by
Germany in WW1 -unlike WW2. So i would say WW2 was
more of a seminal event. But WW1 was all over by 1919
and 1921 would have been his parents' birth time. I
think he changed it to 51 becuse it was more fitting
to fit Tommy's life into the framework of Ken
Russell's film -post WW2 and all that.

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