Who By Numbers Game!

Keithjmoon70 at aol.com Keithjmoon70 at aol.com
Mon Feb 5 21:21:44 CST 2007

>Well, since Kevin  named a bunch, so will I.  One kept leading to another!  

>can't get  Cell Number 7 out of my head, but that one won't work.  Cool to  

>see Chris representing the underrated Little Billy.  And Mike S., the  

>count-off in Slipkid was brilliant!




>I Can't Reach You - I'm a million  years past you, a million years behind 

>too, a thousand miles up in the air,  a trillion times I've seen you there

>SMFM/Listening To You - Right  behind you I see the millions

>Song is Over - Even if it takes a  million years

>Pure & Easy - A million people  cheering

>Glow Girl - 7 pairs of shoes; a million little  laughs

>Join Together - There's a million ways to  laugh

>Daily Records - We've had some years of hate, and now we're  in the eights

>The Quiet One - It only takes two words to blow you  away

>Acid Queen - Just  give me one night

>Now I'm A Farmer - 100 miles square of land;  60,000 bucks

>Cache Cache - slept for a hundred  hours

>Bell Boy - a hundred faces

>Whiskey Man - Two men  in white collected me two days ago

>It's Not True - I haven't got 11  kids

>Amazing Journey - 10 years old with thoughts as  bold...

>My Wife - So I can look after number one

>How  Can You Do It Alone - A man about 50 or so

>Sea and Sand - I should  have split home at 15

>Did You Steal My Money *AND* Sally Simpson -  16 stitches 

Jon in Mi.

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