The numbers game....(Tin Pan)

Christopher Cappiello cdowdcappiello at
Mon Feb 5 15:59:38 CST 2007

  >Frate, Chris 
>The numbers game.... 
>You know what Alan, I thought it was "tin can" too, but I checked the
>lyrics and they say "tin pan".

  I believe this is a reference to Tin Pan Alley, which was originally (turn of last century, I believe) a part of NYC where many music publishers were located. So songwriters would go there to peddle songs. There is a part of London (maybe near Covent Garden?) that has since been called the English Tin Pan Alley. I think Pete is making a reference (somewhat metaphoric, maybe?) to working all day to sell his music. "God there's got to be a better way!"
  - Chris Capp

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