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Frate, Chris (Indust, PTL) chris.frate at
Mon Feb 5 10:55:50 CST 2007

>>Who Are You:  "Eleven Hours in a Tin Pan....."

>in a "tin can" -- "I stretched back and I hiccupped, and looked back on
my busy day/11 hours in a tin can" -- i.e., in an >office.  Or possibly
riding around drunk/stoned/depressed on the subway all day.

You know what Alan, I thought it was "tin can" too, but I checked the
lyrics and they say "tin pan". Tin can makes more sense to me, but maybe
it's one of those goofy things like when the Tommy liner lyrics say
"veritable king" for Pinball Wizard when we know damn well it's "Bally
table king".


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