Keith Moon - The Classic Interviews and The Monkees

Sun Feb 4 20:44:51 CST 2007

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> I might have to get this and see what all the fuss is about,

well, actually the first monkees album where they played on everything and 
all that was "headquarters" and "pisces" was their follow up. their big hit off 
that album was "pleasant valley sunday" but that entire album is good. not one 
track I'd really wanna skip over. it also includes the first pop song to have 
a "moog" on it, "daily nightly".   good stuff. highly recommended if you're 
interested.   I notice it's the only monkees album on (and when I 
say "album", I don't necessarily mean compilations) where all five stars are 
completely filled. I guess I ain't the only one. : )    by the way, I also liked 
the "head" soundtrack a great deal as well. ha. 

keep in mind, whenever you get the "pisces" album and listen to it, it's 
still the monkees, so expect mainly 60's style pop, but made with perfection and 
some experiementation.    the white album rocks harder, but "pisces" is still a 
fine album. 

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