Toby Elwin telwin at berklee.net
Sun Feb 4 16:48:20 CST 2007

I have been drinking kombucha for more than 2 years, as a part of a macrobiotic diet.  Kombucha is a great probiotic that aids the develop the good bacteria for digestion, similar to sauerkraut, sour dough bread, and pickled foods.  And as most people have terrible eating habits, that kombucha builds up good bacteria in your intenstines dramtically helps your body break down food more effectively and absorb more nutrients.

You can buy drops and put it in water, you can buy it stepped in a drink like a "tea" only in that it is steepted, but I have never heard of heating it.  If you heat it you will kill probiotics.  Perhaps I am unaware of heated kombucha.  It has a slight vinegar taste, but is real good diluted in water while you work out. 

Drinking kombucha in the early afternoon is a great, non-caffience, pick-me-up as well as its daily benefits.  

Enjoy the first-hand, for what it is worth it.  I found it amazing Roger mentioned this.  He does look fabulous and has for decades.  Christ, I am 38 and he still looks better than me.


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