Keith Moon - The Classic Interviews and The Monkees

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Sun Feb 4 11:32:04 CST 2007

There's a new Keith Moon CD coming out next week (maybe).  But don't worry -
he's not singing on it.  Its called "Keith Moon - The Classic Interviews".
I can't find any more info about tracklisting or interview dates yet though.

Amazon says due for release on 12th Feb, but says 12th March 2007.

I can imagine that this CD would be a lot better than the usual "interview
CD" trash.  Interviews with Keith are always going to be much more
entertaining than most.

Joel said:

> the monkees' "pisces, aquarius, capricorn and Jones Ltd." ain't so bad
either. ; )

I've not heard this album before, but I think I might like it.  It seems to
be a good attempt at proving they could be serious musicians.  I've not
heard of any the songs on it, but apparently it's an eclectic mix of
styles - like the White Album.  I've just noticed that "The Monkees -
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn And Jones (2CD) (Deluxe Edition)" is being
released on 11th June:

I might have to get this and see what all the fuss is about,


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