Book- 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (2006) - 4 Who albums made...

Sat Feb 3 20:17:32 CST 2007

I saw a book like that about movies to see before you die. HUGE mother. i'm 
sure the albums book is no different. 

again, it's all opinion isn't it? all these lists are.  like you said, no 
"quadrophenia". WHAT?! ha.  I for one feel "quad" is better than "tommy", but I'm 
not saying you should believe that too. 

I compiled a list of my favorite albums thus far and I think you'll be 
surprised at some of my selections.  I admit that John denver's "rocky mountain 
high" and madonna's "music" are two of the best albums ever made. that's right, I 
said it! the monkees' "pisces, aquarius, capricorn and Jones Ltd." ain't so 
bad either. ; )

as far as movies are concerned, I might be the only dude you'll meet that'll 
admit that "goodfellas", "hairspray", "pee wee's big adventure" and "blue 
velvet" are amongest the best in my view. see? ha.  the oldest movie on my list is 
"freaks" (1932). 

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