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Fri Feb 2 12:30:21 CST 2007

>Martin Bailey 
>An Unlikely Sage
>> My first reaction was that this was part of the transition to the new
Who-specific web site?
>Hopefully.  But it makes no sense to take one site down whilst waiting
for another.


>But this would be typical Pete...

No comment.  ;-)

>My guess is that this is Pete's knee-jerk reaction to "something".  But
we don't know what that "something" is yet.

Well, that was my *second* reaction.

>> Can't remember when Pete said that was coming.
>Doesn't matter when Pete said it was coming - it won't arrive until 24
years after that.


>> Bad day at work yesterday, so reading that passage just put things in
>Really?   It made no sense to me whatsoever.  Right over my head.

My take was (one supported by Buddhism) is that if you break down life
into its parts...and focus on the task at hand....instead of trying to
deal with everything at once....its much more manageable.

>> It's amazing the power of deep breathing.
>Was that really what it was about?

Well, the first basic function to live is to breath.
So, take care of the very important things, and don't fret all the other
small stuff.

>> Took a recent trip with my 4yo to Tucson, AZ.
>I know a guy from there.  His name was Jo something.  But he's moved to
LA now.  He went there to play lawn tennis or 

Really?  The two "lawns" I saw were around the fanciest corporate
buildings.  The rest of the town, and state for that matter, are brown,
gravely, covered with dying plants and cacti, and infested with rattle
snakes and scorpions.
It was cool, but pretty depressing.
A definite...'nice place to visit but wouldn't want to live there.'

>> I hope this person has children
>> If not then I recommend you desist all future contact as he's a real

Please assure your wife that I do not willingly hang out on the
children's channels.
But, when in Rome.....

>A few months ago, I told her about your "snowflakes" during Fragments
at the Who show.  Her response was: "Is he gay?".

No (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I do know what if
feels like to be a woman (or however Pete put that).
And, let her know it was my wife's idea!
Although, come to think of it......
Jim M. did kind of look at me funny when we threw the confetti up in the

>She just doesn't get it...

Hey now!

Kevin in VT

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