Pete Invited Roger To Sing On Psychoderelict Tour

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Fri Feb 2 09:27:37 CST 2007

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Although the Who's current road trek marks the first time that Townshend and 
Roger Daltrey have toured behind a new album since 1982, Townshend revealed 
to us that Daltrey almost took part as a guest vocalist on his 1993 
Psychoderelict tour: "When Psychoderelict came out Roger called me and said, 
'You know, this would've made a great Who record.' And I said, 'Well, yeah, 
you're always going to say that. It's my record and you know if we'd have 
been doing it with the Who you probably wouldn't have liked it.' And he 
said, 'No, this is a part that I could play. If you're ever going to do it 
as a theater piece, think of me.' So when I took it out on the road, I did 
call him, but he'd just taken another job. But we would've gone out together 
with Psychoderelict."

Apparently things turned sour between them pretty quickly. They weren't 
getting along too well in '94 around the Daltrey Sings Townshend project.

David in New York

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