Band name rules

Fri Feb 2 07:02:37 CST 2007

yeah, I got a rule.  

- if a band's lineup has been intact for more than 10 years in the public 
eye, and a member dies, that band should no longer continue. and if they do, to 
have a different name.  however, if a member quits, then it's plausible for 
that band to continue.  hey, the person had enough. what can you do, ay? and who 
knows? that person just may return. needs money or somethin'. ha. 

and I got a magazine rule since this piece was written for "rolling stone":

- when a "hip" and "noteworthy" rock magazine puts a skantily clad britney 
spears, Jessica simpson and the judges of "american idol" on its cover, they 
should probably stop pretending to be experts in the field of rock n' roll and 
music in general.   ; )

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