An Unlikely Sage

Martin Bailey mbailey at
Fri Feb 2 03:20:11 CST 2007

Kevin said lots of things, like this:

> My first reaction was that this was part of the transition to the new Who-specific web site?

Hopefully.  But it makes no sense to take one site down whilst waiting for another.  But this would be typical Pete...

My guess is that this is Pete's knee-jerk reaction to "something".  But we don't know what that "something" is yet.

> Can't remember when Pete said that was coming.

Doesn't matter when Pete said it was coming - it won't arrive until 24 years after that.

> Thanks, Martin, for grabbing that otherwise lost diary entry.

Thanks.  I had read that diary entry less than an hour before the site went down.  After that, it was actually a little difficult to retrieve it - messing about with offline files and IE's History and whatnot.

> Bad day at work yesterday, so reading that passage just put things in perspective.

Really?   It made no sense to me whatsoever.  Right over my head.

> It's amazing the power of deep breathing.

Was that really what it was about?

> We use Yoga breathing as a way to calm our kids down when upset.  Try
> it.  It works great.

I remember one exercise we did in prenatal classes.

1. Hold a bag of ice in your hand for a minute.  After a while, it starts to get uncomfortable, and actually hurts a bit.

2. Now try holding a bag of ice in your hand for another minute, but this time, concentrate on your breathing.  This time, it's easy.

> Took a recent trip with my 4yo to Tucson, AZ.

I know a guy from there.  His name was Jo something.  But he's moved to LA now.  He went there to play lawn tennis or something.

> I thought about you as we were 'pat-pat-patting' for more power at take-off!

Very funny.  Does anyone else on this list know what the hell we're talking about?

I just emailed that bit of your post to my wife.  This was her reply:

> I hope this person has children
> If not then I recommend you desist all future contact as he's a real weirdo.

(I think my wife should be struck from this list as being a flamer.)

By definition, my wife is usually such a good judge of character.  But I think she's got something against you, Kevin.

A few months ago, I told her about your "snowflakes" during Fragments at the Who show.  Her response was: "Is he gay?".  She just doesn't get it...


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