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Thu Feb 1 12:38:24 CST 2007

>Frate, Chris
>Previous message: An Unlikely Sage 
>What the hell? It would be nice to get an explanation for why the site
>came down.

My first reaction was that this was part of the transition to the new
Who-specific web site?
Can't remember when Pete said that was coming.

>Martin Bailey
<From Pete's diary>

>long as he just kept breathing smoothly in and out, just
>staying within the contours of the chore of the moment, life with young
>Dahlia would provide precious little occasion for complaint, bitter or

Thanks, Martin, for grabbing that otherwise lost diary entry.
Bad day at work yesterday, so reading that passage just put things in
It's amazing the power of deep breathing.
We use Yoga breathing as a way to calm our kids down when upset.  Try
it.  It works great.
Deep breath through the nose.....looooong exhale through the mouth.

Took a recent trip with my 4yo to Tucson, AZ.
I thought about you as we were 'pat-pat-patting' for more power at
Good thing hotels carry Disney channel....we had Little Einstein's
everywhere we went.

Interesting side note:
Landed on our locally owned red-neck....umm....classic rock station
today and heard the opening piano chords to Slit Skirt.
I'm thinking...."there's no way...must be another song with a similar
Sho 'nuff.....Slit Skirt on a classic rock station.
I'd never seen that before.

The Police back together????
I guess Sting has given up on his solo career (I've thought it was dead
for years).
That's good news!
I'm there!

Kevin in VT 

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