'Let My Love Open the Door' or How I Know When a Movie Is...

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Mon Dec 31 16:21:22 CST 2007

>Keithjmoon70 at aol.com
>'Let My Love Open the Door' or How I Know When a Movie Is...
>>But the knee-jerk reaction to argue that because the song is really  about
>>Pete's personal mythological deity somehow makes the song more 
>>less hokey, & less gimmicky....is just plain  wrong.  IMO.    ;-)
>I guess the best way to know what Pete meant in that song is to listen  to
>what he said about it himself.  And he's right.

I've always been a big fan of this song because of the beautiful 
articulation, by Pete, of one of the most basic, yet scary, of human 
endeavors.....convincing someone you love, that they should love you back. 
I've been indifferent (strange, but at times also intrigued) about the 
spiritual message, but appreciated that it wasn't 'in your face', or 

Happy New Year, to all!
Just back yesterday from the  Baltimore-DC Holiday Shuffle.  I play a 
bellboy quite well, thank you.  Sick most of the time, and dehydrated by red 
wine the rest.  Good to be home in SNOWY Vermont.
We old farts will be hanging around the homestead laughing at our 5yo as he 
battles to stay up past midnight.  Exciting, I know.

With all the snow and time out riding, I've been getting re-acquainted with 
my little mp3 player of only Who.  I used to not like riding solo, but now 
every run is a new adventure set to the sound track of the best Who songs 
(IMO) of each album.  Even just getting off the lift can be cool with the 
right song.

Hope all are well.
SKINS !!!!!
< !! >

Scott, dude....
Man, I bleed for ya.

Kevin in VT 

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