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Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Mon Dec 31 12:47:51 CST 2007

Scott wrote:

 >  No, I don't think Mr. Miller had any knowledge about that when he wrote
his piece.  However, I'd like to argue that the religious interpretation of the
song is even more of a "gimmick" than the "locked heart" example Mr. Miller


 >  Let Zeus's love open the door
It's all we're living for
Release yourself from misery
Only one thing's gonna set you free
That's Zeus's love

 > Pick another imaginary deity, any deity, & try it out.


Let's try just a few more to see if it passes the test!

Let Hillary's love open the door...
Let Rudy's love open the door...
Let Barack's love open the door...
Let Santa's love open the door...
Let Madonna's love open the door...
Let Oprah's love open the door...

They work!

Happy new year to all Who's in Whoville, especially Cindy-Lou Who,
who moved to, and now lives in Delaware!

Joe in Philly

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