'Let My Love Open the Door' or How I Know When a Movie Is Nearly Over

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> >"When everything feels all over" with "I'll give you a four-leaf clover" 
> is inexcusable.
> Yep. That's a terrible line there.

mm, not really. a "four-leaf clover" is luck. what's so wrong about giving 
someone something for luck? can you write a better line?

>> LMLOTD may be the most commercially-accessible song Pete has ever written. 
>> And, as such, it's been commercialised to death. 

so has practically the entire "who's next" album, but there's nothing hokey 
or commercialized about anything on that album is there? "goin' mobile" 

>> But it is just simple, wimpy, 80s pop.

ever heard any of roger's solo material from the 1980's? 

> Nor will I criticize the man for contradicting himself after writing, "I 
hope I die before I get old," yet performing well into his 60s. 

>> OK, so that was a stupid comment.

probably the most misunderstood line in rock n' roll history, even the writer 
and performer agrees with that meaning.   it's about the mental being folks, 
not the physical. 

>> Especially when one listens
>> to the other version on the same album: that version is spooky, sublime,
>> mysterious, and soothing. 

I think that version was included in another adam sandler movie.  I like adam 
sandler actually. haven't seen a movie with him yet that I didn't like. 

so, he's not a cock. more like a prick. ; )

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