'Let My Love Open the Door' or How I Know When a Movie Is...

James Sethian sethian at Math.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Dec 28 12:37:59 CST 2007

>Any teenager with a single guitar lesson under his belt could have  written 
this five-chord ditty. 

My goodness. Has this person read the liner notes from Townshend's "greatest
hits" album, where he argues that it was a homage to God's love, hidden
inside a simple love song, and most people missed it? Now, of course, 
Pete is a bit of a master at revisionist history, but still, listening
in this vein, it all makes much more sense. Especially when one listens
to the other version on the same album: that version is spooky, sublime,
mysterious, and soothing. 

It's really a masterpiece (and by the way---so is Jools and Jim---but
does anyone know why he brings up Oklahoma at the end?) 

          James Sethian
          Department of Mathematics
          UC Berkeley

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