Jools and Jim - have you ever heard a man sing so high?

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Sun Dec 23 00:06:16 CST 2007

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I wonder if any other Americans had as much trouble with the line "A4 
pushers, you're all just cushions" as I did.  Initially, I had no idea what 
it meant.  When I first visited London, I noticed there was a road called 
the A4, so I assumed an 'A4 pusher' must have been a supporter of building 
the road (seemed logical).  Then I found out A4 is the British term for 
letter size paper and it made a lot more sense!

> And this line is so clever:
>    "And theirs (sic) an I before e when your (sic) spelling ecstasy"
> That's how the line is written in the liner notes.

On the subject of liner typo's, the lyrics in my first version of Tommy (c. 
1980 LP) contained the line "your boy won't be a more no more."  I still 
can't help thinking it when I listen to Acid Queen.

Jim M (who also loves Jules & Jim, btw) 

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