Jools and Jim - have you ever heard a man sing so high?

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Fri Dec 21 18:19:27 CST 2007

>And this line is so clever:

>  "And theirs  (sic) an I before e when your (sic) spelling ecstasy"

>That's how the  line is written in the liner notes.  (With my "Sics".)  So, 
>in  a line which discusses spelling (which is obviously wrong anyway, as  
>there is no "I" in ecstasy), the irony continues into the liner notes,  
>add two more spelling mistakes!  It's like a little hidden  joke.  An 
>Egg" for the vinyl generation.

>But, on  a deeper level, I can see he's trying to say "I (something)  
>ecstasy".  Just thinking about his own happiness.

Thanks for that input. For years I've tried (in vain) to figure out what  
that meant. That song is so full of meaning  (He nailed 90% of the  population 
with one of my all time favorite phrases in this song: "You listen to  love with 
your intellect") and the words are so acerbic that it didn't make  sense for 
it to not have an explanation.  
I'm still not clear though.
Jon in Mi.

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