Jools and Jim - have you ever heard a man sing so high?

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Fri Dec 21 03:24:20 CST 2007

Joe in Philly said:

> I'm listening to my ipod on shuffle, and Jools And Jim comes on.  Normally 
> I'd skip this song

I know what you mean.  Empty Glass is undoubtedly my favourite Pete solo 
album.  But Jools and Jim just gets lost in in the middle of the album, and 
has never stood out.

But when you hear the song on it's own (as I've done my MP3 player before 
now, too), it really makes you sit up and take notice.

I've just played the song on it's own now.  It's surprisingly heavy for 
Pete solo track - perhaps the fastest / heaviest solo song he's ever 

It's only 2 minutes 36 - which is why it gets lost in the rest of the album. 
It's a shame there isn't an extended version on the recent reissue(like the 
never-boring 11 minute Gonna Get Ya).

I see what you mean about these lines:

    "But I know for sure that if we met up ..."
    Hypocrisy will be the death of me...

That really is sung really high.

And this line is so clever:

    "And theirs (sic) an I before e when your (sic) spelling ecstasy"

That's how the line is written in the liner notes.  (With my "Sics".)  So, 
in a line which discusses spelling (which is obviously wrong anyway, as 
there is no "I" in ecstasy), the irony continues into the liner notes, which 
add two more spelling mistakes!  It's like a little hidden joke.  An "Easter 
Egg" for the vinyl generation.

But, on a deeper level, I can see he's trying to say "I (something) 
ecstasy".  Just thinking about his own happiness.

I love the song lyric booklet with this album, and their patterns of 
different empty glasses between each song.  I "stole" this album (on vinyl) 
from my uncle when I was about 13.  I only had 2 or 3 Who albums at the 
time, and he had two copies of Empty Glass!  I also helped myself to "The 
Kinks Golden Hour" and the Stone's "Emotional Rescue" at the same time.

Oklahoma, OK!


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