Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Thu Dec 20 10:54:18 CST 2007

Hey Who freaks!

I hope everybody is well and enjoying the Christmas spirit of love,
peace and generosity.   Don't get too stressed out by all the demands
on your time and money, and try to enjoy what you already have.

Just think, in only one day, our planet's orbital position will again
tilt our hemisphere more towards our sun, greatly improving my mood
in the process.

Commuting by bicycle in winter really makes me appreciate the sun;
especially when I encounter a chilly patch of shade.

Here comes the sun; our wonderful, life-giving, mood-boosting sun.   Get
out and soak up.....the sun!

Happy Holidays and hocus pocus.

Joe in Philly   - Thanks to Schrade for reminding me of the winter solstice!

"Did you ever see the faces of the children, they get so excited....
Wakin' up on Christmas morning hours before the winter sun's ignited....
They believe in dreams and all they mean including heaven's generosity...
Peepin' round the door to see what parcels are for free, in curiosity"
                                  -  Pete Townshend / Christmas / Tommy

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