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Roger Daltrey says that some Who songs shouldn't be performed  live. Daltrey 
has gone on record saying that during the Who's upcoming shows  next year he 
and Pete Townsend are going to try to incorporate some of  the band's deep 
catalogue cuts into their stage show -- but some songs are best  left alone: "We 
are trying to do obscure stuff. But there is sometimes a good  reason why those 
numbers are obscure -- they're just not quite as good as the  other ones 
(laughs)! It doesn't mean that the songs aren't as good, I'm  wrong there. What it 
means is that some songs exist much better in the studio,  and when you try 
and put them on the stage they become a clumsy thing.  Other songs just get on 
the stage and they just take a life." 
    *   Throughout  their career the Who have attempted new material onstage 
and often dropped  songs after only a few performances. Such songs as "Is It 
In My Head?," "The  Dirty Jobs," and "I've Had Enough" from Quadrophenia and 
The Who By  Numbers' "Slip Kid" and "However Much I Booze" were included in the 
early  shows of the band's 1973 and 1975 tours, and pulled after only playing 
them a  small number of times.  
    *   "Athena,"  which was the Who's first single from their It's Hard 
album, was only  performed at 10 of the band's 43 shows on their 1982 "farewell" 
tour. Despite  the fact that it's the band's last Top 40 hit to date, it has 
not been  performed in 25 years.  
    *   Over  the past decade, several rare Who favorites, such as "Getting 
In Tune,"  "Relay," "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere," "Bargain," and "Cry If You 
Want," have  made their way into the band's setlists. 

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