Windmilling Elf

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Dec 19 13:05:32 CST 2007

 > First and foremost, while hanging with the little'ns on ABC Family,
watching The Polar Express.....they have these holiday adverts for ABC
Family where a little elf figure is at the bottom of the screen playing
guitar.  He pulls off like 4 perfect windmills in a row!  I was floored!
My 5yo yells out.."hey, there's Pete Townshend as an elf!"
A serious....LOL


I just saw this the other night.   Before he started windmilling, I saw him
in the left corner of the screen, and I pointed at him and shouted, 
"Windmill !",
at the screen <I knew it was coming from your post>.

Sure enough, the little bugger did the 4 bottom up windmills you
described.   My family is now looking to me for weather predictions... :-)

Joe in Philly

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