Keith Moon Movie Update

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Tue Dec 18 17:22:20 CST 2007

I spoke with Spitfire Pictures Glen Zipper who says that the Kieth  Moon
movie is forging ahead and they will be releasing more news on it not  too
long after the holidays.
The story of original "WHO" drummer Keith Moon, one  of rock and roll's 
all-time eccentrics. Keith Moon's drumming pushed a good-time  blues band, THE WHO, 
into becoming the world's greatest rock-and-roll group. His  wickedly funny 
antics produced a new level of showmanship and bad behavior.  Ultimately, 
Keith's personal demons would lead to his downfall and death.   
Attached to play Keith Moon, Mike Myers (SHREK, AUSTIN  POWERS, WAYNE'S 
WORLD) is collaborating both with Spitfire and legendary WHO  front man Roger 
Daltrey to create an accurate portrayal of the late  rock-and-roll star. 
Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Donald Margulies (DINNER  WITH FRIENDS) is 
attached to write the original screenplay. 
Produced in collaboration with Roger Daltrey and Who Films,  Bill Gerber (THE 
DUKES OF HAZZARD), and Mike  Myers.

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