Harold Hare and other droppings

Bruce bkawak at charter.net
Mon Dec 17 21:13:55 CST 2007

Any relation to you Jay. :)


These are a selection of recordings by Viv Stanshall and Keith Moon, recorded for John Peel Radio shows during the 1970's 


Vivian Stanshall & Keith Moon - Harold Hare 

Please note: due to the disparity in tape sources, sound quality varies. Some tracks may appeal only to the serious collector. 

1.Harold Hare (and the brand new comfy slippers) 
2.Reactions Of Pre-School Playgroup To Harold Hare 
3.Half For Old Charlie 
4.Surreal Musical Piece For Newspaper Ad 
5.Peter Gabriel Radio Ads 
Woolly Jumpers - Queer French Cheese - Blarney Stone 
Apostles - Richard 3rd - Acute - Gone Galaxy - Tarts - Big Kunst 

Radio Play - Colonel Knutt & Lemmy (Keith Moon) in 
'Breath From The Pits' in Four Parts 
6.Pt 1 Scorpion Tracks 
7.Pt 2 A Tickler For Colonel Knutt 
8.Pt 3 Lemmy Makes A Boob 
9.Pt4 Welks 

10.Captain Benji 
11.The Hottest Pants In Paree 
12.The Hottest Pants Part 2 
13.We'll Meet Again

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