No Pete drumming or bass

sroundtable at sroundtable at
Sun Dec 16 08:36:42 CST 2007

I think I actually prefer Pete to record everything on the album (except for 
Roger's vocals of course).
I believe that if its going to be a "Who" Album, then Who members must record 
the music.
I personally don't see Pino, Simon, Rabbit, nor Zack as "Who" members and 
therefore prefer Pete to play the whole album. Although I have to say that the 
people mentioned above are certainly the best people to fill in for John, Keith, 
and whatever else not, and I also appreciate and thank them for playing with 
Pete and Roger.


NO!!!!!!!!!? Pete's drumming is a freakin YAWN!!? Way too vanilla.? Pino's bass is also much better than Pete's.? Listen to They Made y dreams Come Trur from EW and tell me Pino ought to be off a new album.

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