My Wife San Fran. 12/13/71 overdub

Bruce bkawak at
Wed Dec 12 20:50:50 CST 2007

You should listen to My Wife from San Francisco 12/13/71 from Two's Missing and VFABP back to back.  It's very obvious that the version on Two's Missing has overdubbed lead vocals by John.  I'm not talking a line or two replaced, but the ENTIRE song's lead vocal is overdubbed start to finish.

In an odd twist the recent version on VFABP has what appears to be the original rougher sounding lead vocal.  It is very obvious when you A/B them.  Two's Missing sounds processed and just too perfect.  There are actual differences as well. After the lines:
"I gotta rest some time so
I can get to run some more"

He screams "yeaaaa!" on the Two's Missing version. On the VFABP version there is no "yeaaaa!" after these lines.  However, there is (as with Two's Missing)  a "yeaaa!" after: 
"Got picked up by the law
And now I ain't got time to think"

I'll cut him some slack it's hard to redo a whole song and get every single vocal bit just like it was live.  I'm guessing John did the overdub while living in LA in the early 80s for MCA and Pridden and Astley thankfully didn't have access to it. They may have not even know of it's existence.

Thanks to the folks on the Hoffman board for spotting this.


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