The Who Mailing List Digest, V14, #150

patohdz at patohdz at
Tue Dec 11 04:59:55 CST 2007

>Zak's been with The Who for 12 years and Rabbit 28 years,how can you
>say that they aren't "Who" members?

12 years my ass! Why did he not play on Endless Wire, again? Zack's playing with whoever gets him the job (relatively)....(I love Zack by the way, I think he's the best drummer Pete and Roger could be playing with)
I guess you could see him as a Who member, but then again...would you consider Kenny Jones, Simon Phillips, and that chick from the percusion seccion "Who members"?(what about the Cow Palace '73 audience fan who played for them when keith passed out?)
Don't get me wrong, I love all these people, and appreciate that they've helped out Roger and Pete, but in my book there's only four Who members.
I think the Who died back in 1978, nevertheless, I love what the surviving members accomplished during the following years, and I'm very greatful for that because I would still prefer to go to a "who" show today than any other act in the universe. Not even Aerosmith, who I don't even like that much!
I love the who, but what we have today is something completely different and  I really like it.


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