The Who Mailing List Digest, V14, #148

Lowgens02 at Lowgens02 at
Thu Dec 6 23:26:47 CST 2007

<I'm still bumming about the "I'm going to play it all myself"  comment.>

>>I believe that if its going to be a "Who" Album, then Who members  must 
record the music.
I personally don't see Pino, Simon, Rabbit, nor Zack  as "Who" members>>>>
Zak's been with The Who for 12 years and Rabbit 28 years,how can you
say that they aren't "Who" members?

>>> lets face it, The Who does not exist  anymore<<<<
They don't? Where did they go? Fans like you are the
sane old story,same old song and dance.You go
and join the Aerosmith fan club,that band is all
orignal recipe for you.

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