The Who Mailing List Digest, V14, #148

patohdz at patohdz at
Thu Dec 6 23:09:37 CST 2007

<I'm still bumming about the "I'm going to play it all myself" comment.>

I think I actually prefer Pete to record everything on the album (except for Roger's vocals of course).
I believe that if its going to be a "Who" Album, then Who members must record the music.
I personally don't see Pino, Simon, Rabbit, nor Zack as "Who" members and therefore prefer Pete to play the whole album. Although I have to say that the people mentioned above are certainly the best people to fill in for John, Keith, and whatever else not, and I also appreciate and thank them for playing with Pete and Roger.
P.S.     (Think of "Who Came First") I'll most certainly enjoy something similar!! Because lets face it, The Who does not exist anymore. It's now Roger + Pete, and Endless Wire reflects that. You can't expect them to make something similar to their legendary albums, but I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever they come out with, if they do at all.

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