The Who - Up Close And Personal

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Thu Dec 6 05:52:58 CST 2007

Yet another unofficial DVD documentary is due for release on January 14, 
2008.  (February 5, 2008 in US)

The DVD and Book Set is Priced at £11.24 GBP  ($27.99 in US)

Run Time: 70 minutes (Bizarrely,only 60 minutes in US version!)

This entry into the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL series focuses on legendary 
British rockers The Who. The career of the group is discussed and analysed, 
and their long-term influence is also reviewed. Featuring penetrating, 
insightful and often candid interviews with Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, 
John Entwhistle [SIC] and Keith Moon as well as sensational highlights from 
their musical career.

Product Description:
The forefathers of punk, Up Close and Personal! Immaculately researched 
footage takes you back in time to hear the words of Moon, Entwistle, 
Townshend and Daltrey first hand!

or in US:


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