The Punk and The Godfather Philly or Landover?

Bruce bkawak at
Wed Dec 5 19:50:29 CST 2007

> I'm afraid I can't help you on this one, Bruce.  I don't own audience
> recordings of Philly or Landover, & I haven't heard the Wolfgang
> stream.
> With that obvious vocal flub in "Punk" it shouldn't be too hard to
> discern which show it's from (if you own the audience boots).  Not
> sure about the "preach/teach" conundrum.  Would they really go to
> all that trouble to edit & fix *one* word?

It's from Philly. So only one of the three tracks claimed as being from DC 
are. :)

> Speaking of WGFA, it occurred to me that the fade-in beginning
> on the TALES boots (and radio broadcast) was prompted by some
> obvious guitar feedback which the original radio editors must've felt
> was....distracting?  Thankfully, it's left in on VFABP.

There is a synth track hiccup on the Philly audience recording that has been 
edited out of every broadcast version, including VFABP.  You hear tape being 
wound fast, then rewound (?) after Pete Says "WGFA".   The acoustic is 
barely audible on the streams.


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