Philadelphia 1973: Who's Right?

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Wed Dec 5 12:45:35 CST 2007

By Matt Lundgren AKA Mr.PC of Wolfgangs Vault.
We are very excited to post  two exceptional shows by The Who to the Concert 
Vault this week.   We'd like fans of The Who to read this post completely - we 
have a puzzle  that we need your help to solve.

As many of you already know, we've  had a show up on the Vault for a while 
now from The Who identified as the  Philadelphia 12/4/73 show.  A few Vault 
regulars have stated in a  separate forum thread that at least some tracks from 
this show are  actually from The Who's 12/6/73 show at the Capital Center in 
Largo, MD,  and they are correct.  What has been on the Vault was an amalgam that 
 was created for a single King Biscuit Flower Hour radio  broadcast.

We recently uncovered the original master tapes for both  of these shows. We 
are missing a single track from the Philadelphia show,  and the Capital Center 
show is complete. Both are high quality recordings  of the band's original 
Quadrophenia tour.

Now to the puzzle. It is  well documented that The Who played in Boston on 
12/3, Philadelphia on  12/4, and Largo, MD on 12/5. It is also well documented 
that the latter  two shows were recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour. In 
fact you can  hear the band mention "Philadelphia" several times during the 
12/4 show on  the Concert Vault.

Imagine our surprise, when we found the reels  for the Philadelphia show, 
that they are all marked 12/3, not 12/4.   They are marked consistently this way, 
and the studio engineer comments  that are captured on tape also reference 
12/3. We have included a few  images of the tape boxes below.

Have these tapes been mis-dated in  our collective understanding for years? 

Or did the original  engineers just get this wrong when they labeled the 

We at the Vault are split on this.  Our engineers believe  that engineers 
would have never made a mistake like this :-)  Others  among us are certain that 
this is the Philadelphia show, and equally  certain that the Philadelphia show 
took place on 12/4

We would love  to hear from you. Images of ticket stubs, other physical 
proof, anything  that supports one of these conclusions is welcome. Let the debate  

Cheers!  Mr. PC
Here are the photos  below.................


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